Member Update 5/21

Membership Renewal: Online membership renewal is up and running and we urge you to renew soon. Last year we were very close to our membership limit of 115 and we already have a list of people waiting to join. The deadline for current members to renew is June 15, after that date, we are open to new memberships.

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Other News:

FRA University: many of our members have varied careers, interests, travels and hobbies.  This year we are launching an opportunity to share those talents with fellow members.  If you are interested in this learning experience, please let us know what it is that you can share in small groups of show n’ tell this summer.  As a kick-off, member Peter Starr has offered a tour of his exotic car collection housed in what he calls his Toybox in downtown Biddeford.  Muscle cars, Mercedes Gullwing, Ferrari, Maserati, race cars, and handmade BMW’s are among his 20-some vehicles.  Friday, June 30, from 4 to 5:30pm is the date/time and the first 20 members to respond will enjoy the tour followed by the monthly downtown Artwalk and optional dinner at a local restaurant within walking distance if you choose to join us.  Please sign up via email with Ken Buechs, kbuechs@earthlink.net or by phone, 282-3954 More information will follow.

Art Show/Sale:  Anyone interested in helping and/or exhibiting at an ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW at FRA – Sat. & or Sun. ..July 8TH/9TH? Please contact Dot Starkweather 207-283-0249 or dotstarkweather@gmail.com.

Yard Sale:  There is some interest in holding a garage sale in the FRA parking lot.  If we were to sponsor such an event, it would be held on Saturday, August 12, 9am to 1pm with a $10 table fee and we would need at least 6 members to express interest.  Please write to Aurelie Wallach if you are interested (aureliewallach@hotmail.com).