Fortunes Rocks Association Child and Parent Rules Acknowledgement 2017

Fortunes Rocks Association Child and Parent Rules Acknowledgement 2017

This rules acknowledgement form, which is not a contract, summarizes the code of conduct that governs the use of the FRA clubhouse by minors.

The clubhouse is open and accessible to ALL members. Children under the age of 13 must have parental supervision when using the facility. Children 13 to 16 can use the clubhouse once a signed acknowledgement form has been received by the Association.

We ask that the adult members review and discuss this form with their children that would like to have access to the clubhouse.

Code of Conduct/rules:

  • Only members and guests of members will be allowed access to the clubhouse.
  • The key to the clubhouse must remain on the hook at all times. Door can be unlocked, and key must be returned immediately to the hook.
  • If using the inside of the clubhouse, the door must remain open.
  • Shoes are required at all times.
  • Refrain from yelling, screaming, and the use of profane language. Loud sounds carry farWe need to be respectful of the tennis players and the houses across the pond.
  • Close the windows, turn off the lights, and close and lock the door when leaving the clubhouse.
  • Pick up after yourself. No food or drink should be left behind. There are trash cans and a broom available for cleanup.
  • No one is permitted use of the clubhouse after 8:00 PM unless special authorization is given by the board.
  • Please refrain from hanging on the awning framerollerskating, skateboarding, and basketball within the clubhouse and the porch.
  • Adult members need to check on the clubhouse condition after their children have used it.
  • If there is a problem when you first go in the clubhouse, please report it immediately to an adult member.

The clubhouse is a social gathering place for all of us and failure to comply with thiRules Acknowledgement could result in the loss of the privilege for the children.


We have read, understood, and acknowledge receipt of this Rules Acknowledgment form.

Child signature:______________________________ Adult Member Signature:______________________