Member Update July 22, 2019

Happening THIS week!

1.  Tuesday, July 23, 5 pm, FRA Clubhouse:  TOMORROW!

Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound: FRA Travel Club: European River Cruises. 

River cruises have become an enormously popular way to experience the great scenic, historical, cultural and culinary delights of Europe. In this year’s session, several FRA members with European river cruise experience will provide a nuts and bolts perspective on what these tours are like, what to look for in choosing a tour, and how to get the most from the ones you choose. This session is FREE and open to all, AND there’s rumors of samples of a German white wine and a rose from Portugal. The session will allow ample time for Q and A.  

2.  Friday, July 26:  Once a month golf outing! If you are interested in the golf outings, the second event is THIS FRIDAY!  Contact Jeff Leman at jdleman@optonline.net

3. Saturday, July 27, 6pm, Clubhouse:  FRA Social!  Please bring an app to share.

As a reminder, in addition to this Tuesday’s European River Cruise session, two other FRA University sessions are coming up in the next few weeks:

August 7th, Wednesday, 7pm, Biddeford Pool Community Center, Upstairs Room:

A Future Discussion Led by Thornton May.  

Most organizations/executives view the word “future” as a noun – specifically a destination – like Cleveland. For almost 40 years, however, Thornton May has assisted global enterprises to use “future” as a verb, i.e., Future [ fyoo-cher], verb: proactively create, understand, avoid and/or respond to “strategic surprise.”

Thornton – who has empowered students at UCLA, UC-Berkeley, Arizona State University and THE Ohio State University for over three decades – looks forward to guiding FRA members on an entertaining and highly interactive discussion of the future. 

Go to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_2gbpCyBMs or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppDuX0sQnIk to get a glimpse of Thorton, we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to attend this session! It will be a mind-expanding experience!

August 15th , 5pm,Thursday, Biddeford Pool Fire Barn, Upstairs Room:

An Afternoon in the Vineyard: Wine and Cheese Tasting:  STILL HAS OPENINGS!

Our Wine Director, Alper Caglayan, fresh from a wine finding tour of Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, and Santa Barbara this winter, will give a California wine tasting. Alper will share his observations on new trends in California wine country. Tasting will include wine tasting basics, pairwise comparison of the same varietal (e.g. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah) from two different California appellations, and a discussion of the reasons behind the taste profile differences. Please bring two clear wine glasses large enough to swirl, sniff and sip. 

Our Cheese Guru, Gail Erath, will choose cheeses to pair with each of Alper’s selections. 

This tasting will be limited to 25 persons on a first come basis. While Alper and Gail have not finalized their selections, we anticipate the cost per person will be in the $30-35 range. Please contact John Redman at jredman100@hotmail.comif you wish to attend.  You can pay at the event with either cash or check.