Upcoming Events August & September

Sunday, August 19th 7pm: The Inns and Hotels of Biddeford Pool and Fortunes Rocks.  Click here for post.

August 28, 5pm: FRA University, Genealogy part 2! In July, Jeff Leman and Ray Leavitt held a well-attended and very informative talk about their genealogy adventures.  Ray and Jeff will conduct a second family genealogy session this time focusing on providing other FRA members the opportunity to discuss their family research stories.  Please plan to attend, Tuesday, August 28th, 5:00 pm at the clubhouse. Please bring your family genealogy story. For questions, please call John Redman at 301 807 1742.

August 25, 10am: General Membership Meeting

August 25, 6pm: Final Social!

August 26, 1pm:  Tennis Social

September 1, 12 pm: 2018 FRA Labor Day Weekend Beach Cookout. Click here for poster.

September 8:  First ever UNE Home FootballGame! UNE is offering FRA two complimentary parking spaces for tailgate party prior to their inaugural home game on Saturday, September 8th.  The UNE Nor’easters will take on the Husson Eagles.  Kickoff is at 1:00.  Tailgating can begin two hours before the game.  Tickets are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for seniors and students.  We have to let UNE know if there is sufficient interest soon, so if you are interested please let Ken Buechs, kbuechs@earthlink.net Joe Valenza, jjvdal@gmail.com or Ray Leavitt, raymondleavitt@verizon.net know, by August 25th.