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 C:\Users\jimol\Pictures\2016-09\DSC_0008.JPGEvent – FRA Tailgate Party Potluck Dinner – All that is missing is YOU
Date – Saturday, October 8, 2016
Time – 6:00 pm
Location – Biddeford Pool Fire Barn

This is a potluck dinner and the theme is Tail Gate Party.  The definition of which is a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle.  It often involves consuming alcoholic beverages (BYOB) and grilling food.  With that in mind we are not grilling so finger foods are front and center, chicken wings, baby back ribs, pigs in a blanket, sliders (pulled pork, ham & cheese, sausage), salads (green, potato, and macaroni), Nachos.  The list is endless so we have provided some web sites you may want to visit for suggestions.
RSVP – Frank Talarico  or Jim Oleson and when you do please provide the following information.

  • Number of guests in your party
  • Potluck Items you plan to share such as a main dish, sides, appetizers, or desert.  We will provide chips and dinner rolls.  Serving size is important because the last couple of tables up to the buffet last year found the pickings were slim.  There can never be enough food at one of these events so please plan to serve 5-10 people with each of your dishes (you can always bring home the leftovers).
  • We need volunteers for set-up (Oct 8 10am), greet (5pm) and clean-up (after dinner) so please specify if you can participate in any of these really fun activities.

See you all there, remember BYOB, your favorite sport outfit (totally optional), and last but not least your fun hat….


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