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Fortunes Rocks Association

Tennis Regulations


1. Tennis membership includes use of the tennis court and all facilities. Membership covers those living under one roof in the member household, but does not include married children or children older than 21.

2. Applicants for tennis membership must maintain social membership should they be placed on the wait list.

3. Guests may play at no additional cost, but ONLY with the tennis member.

4. Tennis members may sign up for court time ONLY on the day preceding play.

5. Court reservations are for one hour, per day, per tennis membership.

6. Play is limited to two hours per day, per tennis member-

7. There is no dress code, but players are asked to wear shirts and shoes appropriate for our clay court (no running shoes)-.

9. After play the court must be groomed, usually sweeping is all that is necessary, and all personal items, such as plastic water bottles removed.

IMPORTANT: The gate MUST be locked after play, unless players are waiting to come on.

10. If, in the opinion of the Tennis Committee, or their designee (the court custodian for the week) the court is unplayable, the gate will be

double locked. For safety, and to protect valuable clay court, DO NOT ENTER THE COURT when it has been judged too wet (soft) for play.

11. Failure to comply with these admonishments may result in the FRA Board of Directors revoking a member’s tennis privileges.

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